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Basic Information

Locatin Myorakuji(Nagata, Kobe)
President Ri Jisen
Phone# 080-4023-1731
Email tarojiro4557@gmail.com

Member Introduction


Ri Jisen(Kobe Ningen Zen President)
Kobe Zen has now five members. Three of us are past 75, I am in my 60s, and one member is in his 30s. Anyone can sit anywhere, anytime. I would like to make this group something beyond what words can express. Come sit with us and have a deeper look into yourself. We look forward to seeing you!
Ikemura Steve Shogo
Former U.S. Army and a Japanese American. Developed IMA, an app that "helps you live in the present moment". Currently, he started his own company with this app. He practices Zen everyday as well as do research and development in using technology for people to find true happiness and the meaning of life.

(Cynthia Mora)
I aman artist from Costa Rica.
Saito Jiryu
He has been practicing Zen for 5 years and he states, "I am not anywhere close to the enlightenment stage of the Buddha, but that is how deep this journey is and there are so many things you can gain in the process of trying to reach to that level."
Kido Kaizen
Started Zen at the age of 40 when he was working for a synthetic fiber company. Now that he is 80, he realized that it was wrong to think that the longer one does Zazen, the better. It's as simple as just sit firmly and always live with earnest. That's it. The dojo where we have our retreat is near Nagata High School where he graduated and he felt a little bit of a destiny between him and Zen.

Responsible Roshi

Zorokuan Hirouchi Jomyo Roshi
  • Name:Zorokuan Jomyo
  • Date of Birth: 2/9/1943
  • Education:Masters in Plant Physiology at Kobe University
  • Experience:High school science teacher、high school president
  • Zen experience:Started at 19, became Roshi at 63. After being the Roshi in charge for Yokohama and Gakunan Ningenzen, he is currently the Roshi in charge for Hiroshima and Kobe Ningenzen
  • Hobbies:Shakuhachi, Igo, Eiken Grade Pre-1


Zen Training Camp "Sesshin"

  • Upcoming Sesshin 7/4~7/7
    Location:Kobe,Itayado Yuragi-dou
    Fees:1000 yen+number of meals(400 yen per meal)

    Zen training for working adults and students. Simply sit, and count your breath. Would you like to experience a traditional Zen training? Single day participation is also possible!

    ※We have mattresses and blankest prepared. So the only things you need to bring are your sleep over necessities and a passion to clean your heart!


Zazen Retreat

  • Rokko Island Zazen Retreat 

    Location:Rokko Island West Court 3 Room 403
    Dates:3/14   3/21   3/28  4/4 4/11 4/18 4/25(Wed) 15:00〜17:00 
    Fees:300 yen 

  • Itayado Zazen Retreat

       Dates: 3/16   4/6 4/27     (Sat) 14:00~16:00 & 17:00〜19:00

                              3/3   3/10   3/17 4/7 4/21 4/28   (Sun)  8:00〜10:00 

       Fees:300 yen

  • ※We keep social distance and perform Zazen while wearing a mask. Cushions are also available here. All you need is a comfortable pair of clothing and a strong passion to look into yourself!

Access Map

Itayado Yuragi-dou

Address: 〒 654-0013 7-Chome-5-19,Ootemachi,Suma-ku,Kobe,Hyogo





Address: 〒 653-0822
Hyogo, Kobe, Nagata Ward, Ikedateramachi, 23


Rokko Island
West Court 3 Room 1403

Address: 〒 658-0032
5-chōme-11 Kōyōchōnaka, Higashinada Ward, Kobe, Hyogo